About Us

At ProActive Soccer School (PASS Abu Dhabi), our PURPOSE is simple: Whether it's for a session or ten years, we want to use sport as a vehicle to instill values in young players that will help them develop to be the best version of themselves.

We believe we are good at what we do, we care about each and every individual across our programs and we employ the best human beings available.

In turn, we want to help our young players develop what we believe are the core values of humanity and the SPIRIT of PASS. These values have been translated into languages which we feel represent the multicultural world we live in. Plus foreign languages always sound cool. These are:

Sporting - Virtus (Latin)

Pride - Bród  (Irish)

Integrity - Alnazaha (Arabic)

Respect - Quantum (Latin)

-  dIscipline - Disciplus (Latin)

Teamwork - Alfareeq (Arabic)

At PASS we believe in our purpose of using football (and sport) for the general good. And this is even more powerful when the whole community is involved. Thank you for coming on this journey with us.